Grow food. The easy way.

With "The Halo", start growing your favourite organic herbs directly from your kitchen, with next to no effort. Whether you prefer mint, basil, parsley, coriander or oregano, The Halo is your new best friend when it comes to eating tasty and nutritious food. Its smart chip makes it 100% autonomous, requiring no effort on your side: just plug it in, watch your seeds grow and enjoy your fresh harvest!

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Hey, I'm Arthur, co-founder of HydroGrow! We wanted to create a product that allows you to eat fresh and organic food all year round, with no compromise. Help us make it a reality!

Arthur Georges, Co-Founder 

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How does it work?

1. Place our seeds in their pods.

2. Add your water from the tap.

3. Wait for your fresh herbs to grow.

4. Enjoy a tasty meal!

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  • 2022 Winner | "Environment & Sustainability"

  • 2021 Winner | "Sustainability"

  • 2021 Overall Winner

Let HydroGrow Smart Seeds do the work!

Don't work hard, work smart! Actually scratch that, don't work at all!

With our Smart Seeds, we do all the ground work so you won't need to. Encased in Rockwool, our seeds are pre-germinated for two weeks and are provided with accurate levels of natural nutrients to enhance and extend the life of your herbs!

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