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Smart Seeds - COMING SOON!

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Whether you prefer fresh basil to add to your homemade pasta or organic mint for a delicious cocktail with friends, The Halo allows you to grow your favourite herbs all year long, directly from your kitchen.


But what will you be able to grow with it? 


Our latest-generation hydroponics systems allow you to grow any plant that normally thrives above the soil. With the Halo, we focus on your favourite herbs and allow you to grow them faster, better and tastier. And don't worry, we promise they won't die like the basil pot you bought last time...


From June 25th, you will be able to order Basil, Oregano, Mint, Parsley or Coriander! You can mix and match with our choices or just order 5 of one herb! Our subscription goes live at the same time so you can get deliveries of our seeds just before you need them!

Herbs are pre-germinated for 2 weeks meaning you don't have to do any of the ground work! Simply pop your Rockwool pods into your system and you are ready to go!

COMING SOON! Check out our recipe book for amazing tips on what you can cook with our plants!


The Halo is made from recycled Nylon and PETG.

Shipping & Returns

The Halo can be delivered straight to your home or picked-up in your nearest collection point. Pre-orders will be delivered July 2022


Width x Height = 22.8cm x 33.3cm

Care Instructions

See booklet inside product for more details and stay tuned for our blog series of product usage!